Sunday, January 8, 2023

Puzzle #482 - Pentominous

Thanks to Walker for giving this Pentominous a test-solve! In putting it together I had so many almost working versions that when I finally got to this version, I was only mostly sure of uniqueness. Turns out I did miss a possibility, but fortunately it could still be ruled out reasonably from another approach.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Puzzles #480 & #481 - Heyawakes for the Hike

Heyawake Hike recently concluded on LMI as the 8th daily contest since their revival. The puzzles were made by Sam Cappelman-Lynes and are generally very excellent, I'd highly recommend trying them out. I'd also like to congratulate nishinanntoka for a phenomenal performance as well.

But first, here's a puzzle I made.

This is definitely the sort of design that looks like it would be unfair, but there's some surprisingly neat logic to be found here.

Anyway on the competition - I managed to win! (I recorded a video but halfway through it loses audio for no reason so it's useless)

Just like Nurimisaki Nomad, I made a trophy shaped puzzle to celebrate. Unlike Nurimisaki Nomad, I actually made this before attempting the final puzzle to try to practice a bit. And I basically never practice for competitions - it psyches me out too much to do anything more than solve a couple puzzles to get into a more deduction-focused mental mode.

In other puzzling news, I also crossed 2700 rating on puzzleduel (being the third solver to do this, after Ken Endo and Freddie Hand) and then reached 2738 (and counting???) in the process of clocking the first? 3000 rating full week (Caiji logged 3200+ on the same week but didn't attempt the hardest puzzle) and dominantly winning Doubleshow 7. If this first week of the new year goes well I may reach an astronomical 2750 which would, I believe, be the highest rating peak in the history of the site, done at a time when the competition is fiercer than any past peak. Even if not, I reached 2700 which has been a pipe dream for a long time, considering my peak before October was about 2650. I don't know what happened to me these past few months but something must have clicked.

Thursday, November 17, 2022 update!

So, updated today to import around 40 new genres from pzprxs! I've made puzzles in a few of these genres before, and took the time to go back and update the old no solution check variant links I had with full links. The penpa links provided still exist and I haven't switched out any of the images, just links. For completions' sake I'm reposting those puzzles below - if you've solved my blog up to this point, you've seen all of these before. If you're going backwards, you'll see all of these in the future.

If you're visiting from Hello! Enjoy the puzzles :)

Pentominous (previously appeared: #201, #335 - Logic Showcase 22, #308 - Pentomino Puzzle Pack. #317-#318)

Snake Pit (previously appeared: #156 - Typed Logic, #459)

Rassi Silai (previously appeared: #460)

Anglers (previously appeared: #246-#248 - Puzzle Zodiac)

Statue Park (previously appeared: #118-#121 - Logic Showcase 13)

Light and Shadow (previously appeared: #159 - Typed Logic)

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Puzzle #479 - Not a Cursed Yajilin

I promise that this Yajilin puzzle has a fair solution path, even if it doesn't look like it would.

This one doesn't. Try at your own risk.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Puzzles #477 & #478 - More Nurimisaki

I ended up making a couple more Nurimisaki puzzles after Nurimisaki Nomad. The type is just fun to play around with even if making aesthetic puzzles with it is extremely hard - the type often just keeps going, and also can have unresolvable ambiguities crop up late in a puzzle.

I was really surprised to find that an empty space that large would resolve by itself from just border 6s. A pretty neat easy puzzle.

This one has a bit more bite to it and some fun connectivity arguments. The bottom right working was also a bit surprising, but I find that there's something surprising in most Nurimisaki puzzles, when looking for areas that don't look like they should work!

Monday, October 24, 2022

Puzzle #476 - Bulletin (Double Choco)

I am extremely proud of this Double Choco that was featured in Tambox Bulletin #22. It's a theme I'd wanted to try to execute for a long while and only just got around to trying. I had a few near misses including a lot of variations with a 7 instead of an 8 that had only 2 solutions left, and this version with the 8 is a bit rougher in places than I was originally going for. That said there's still a clean logical solution path through this puzzle which is thematically a bit absurd.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Puzzles #473 & #474 - Live Puzzle Creations (Yajilin, Kurotto)

I made a few puzzles live in a Discord call with some friends to show my process a little bit. First I made a Yajilin (this was between finishing making Yajilin Yacht and the contest starting) to show how I could make 21 puzzles + rejects in 2 weeks reasonably, without sacrificing quality. I went for a flowy puzzle and ended up just adjusting to 10x11 to make it work nicely.

A month or so later I made a Kurotto under similar circumstances. The theme I wanted to go for fought me so hard on the right side but I did eventually come up with something close to what I wanted that solved well. This puzzle was also made using network play, so I lacked undo tools - nice to prove to myself that I can, but I still prefer having undo to more easily search the possibility space for what I ultimately want to go with.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Puzzles #464 - 472 - Counting with Tapa

One night, a friend was doing some Tapa puzzles. I decided to make one for them afterwards. And by one, I mean 9 with the same ideas. Because it amused me.
Zero   One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Puzzles #462 & #463 - Tetrominous and Variation (Fourcells)

Fourcells is not as cool as Fivecells is. Tetrominous is not as cool as Pentominous. The combination of rules, however, is pretty neat even if puzzles can spiral into no solutions really easily. Solve as a standard Fourcells puzzle, but regions of the same shape can't touch.

As a joke, I also made an Isometric Tetrominous. Maybe the fact that it was made as a joke gives away the joke but I still think it's funny.